GL Devices

Upload and target market your listings inventory locally and globally at very deep discounts

  • A 70% to 95% price discount off our monthly PREMIUM LISTING service
  • Set up your customized data feed to import all your listings automatically each month
  • For any Residential, Commercial, Vacation or Land listings actively for Sale, Rent or Auction

Syndication of Your Listings

Your listings are automatically syndicated on other high traffic 3rd-party real estate sites, like THE WORLD PROPERTY JOURNAL and others.

“We don’t just advertise your listings, we proactively target and hunt for new customers!”

— Michael Gerrity, Founder, Global Listings

Highly customized, data-driven audiences

Using GLOBAL LISTINGS’ proprietary big-data analysis coupled with highly-targeted Google, Facebook and Amazon key words specific to your property inventory, we buy and drive additional customized traffic just to your listings.


More Leads. Less Effort.

  • All online listing inquiries are routed to you, at no additional cost
  • Direct links to your website to drive new traffic, which helps your SEO

Traffic and Visitor View Analytics

See daily, weekly and monthly web traffic reports to your listings, alongside visitor clicks, engagement and social media shares.

Great for Companies with Large Property Listing Inventories

Real Estate Brokers
Institutional Landlords
Investment Funds
Government Agencies
Asset Managers
Bank REOs
Property Developers
Home Builders